Topic outline

  • E-business in Tourism and Hospitality



    Welcome to the course E-business in Tourism and Hospitality MAR2HL001-3005

    During this course you learn the basics of e-business, which is in fact a very wide area. So this means quite a lot of work and many topics. 

    Therefore it is important to plan your timetable in order to complete the course in time. This course ends officially on December 14th 2018 but you have one week more to submit your final work. One example of a planned schedule would be for example:

    -Complete all the online lessons and quizzes by the end of October.
    -Submit your first draft of the written work by November 19th. 2018
    -Get feedback for your first draft by November 30th. 2018
    -Submit your final written work by December 21st. 2018

    -The grades will be given in January at the latest right after the Christmas break.

    Read instructions carefully and check the assignments beforehand.

    If you do not understand something, send an email to the teacher or join the course chat in given times. Sending the e-mail is the quickest way. By being active you can gain good results! I usually try to answer any question at least in 1-2 days.


  • PART 1: Key concepts

    OneIf this section with lessons and terminology is completed accetably a student will get grade 1 - 2. 

    S/he can define the basic key concepts, terms and common acronyms. S/he understands the basic tools of digital marketing.

  • PART 2: The final e-commerce and digital marketing plan

    By completing this section, a student has possibility to receive grades 3 - 5

    The student is able to analyse the online environment and use the gathered facts as a relevant and reliable basis for the decisions in the plan. The student can formulate a digital marketing plan, define goals and tactics. S/he possesses all the basic skills to be able to evaluate and develop digital marketing campaigns. S/he shows creative thinking in applying the tools and concepts, and in planning details of a digital marketing campaign. S/he knows how to report this in an academic report