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    Learning Material

    • Modulo 1

      Material in Italian

      Module 1 – The history, ideology and status of the cooperative movement

      Principles of cooperation in Trentino


      • The Chart of Values: ethics as fundamental human aspect; ethics as essential aspect of economy; Christian values in the world of work.
      • Mutuality and solidarity: the “constitutional foundations” of cooperation; reasons for solidarity; care of the common good.
      • Social responsibility: responsibility towards people directly involved in the coop enterprise; social effects of work; development and welfare in society.
      •  Don Guetti’s inheritance: a priest caring for the needs of his people; the spirit of cooperation; relationship between church and the world of work in Trentino.

      Duration: an 8hr meeting

      Learning material:

      -          The Chart of Values of the Trentino cooperative system - an analysis of the values and principles that lay the foundations for the ethical reasons behind the cooperative movement is essential to understand the history of the cooperative movement in Trentino and it importance at international level. This is a summary of the evolution of cooperative ethics that pays particular attention to the indications given in the Chart of Values (file Coop Principles & Values – in Italian);

      -          The history of the cooperative system in Trentino region – (file history of coops Italy-Trentino- in Italian);

      -          The Trentino Cooperative model (file in Italian)

      -          Working papers  -  Euricse -  Cooperatives: The Italian experiences di Carlo Borzaga, Sara Depedri, Riccardo Bodini – (in English);

      -          Principi cooperativi per il ventunesimo secolo (Cooperative principles in the XXI century)  by Ian MacPherson

       -  e-module Cooperative culture (DEMO)

      -          Books- only titles:

        • Le cooperative by Alberto Ianes,2011,Carocci editore
        •  COOP- Il future dell’impresa cooperativa by Giulio Sapelli, 2006, Einaudi
        • La Cooperazione, tra mercato e democrazie by Stefano Zamagni and Vera Zamagni, 2008 Il Mulino