Material in Italian

Module 2. Making membership  - Members in cooperatives

Being a board member in a cooperative means being able to make decisions advantageous to coop members. However, often there is no time taken to think about who the members actually are, what interests they may have, how they can be part of the coop, and what their rights and duties may be. It is therefore important to understand the different ways of concretizing the coop’s relationships with their members.


  • Categories of members in cooperatives
  • Stakeholders
  • Member numbers and requirements
  • Becoming a member
  • Member rights and duties, transferability of shares/ dividends
  • Member workers

Basic module – one 3hr meeting; Advanced module – two 3hr meetings

Learning material:

-          The role of the cooperative member: the members of the cooperative, who they are, what interests they have, how they participate in cooperative activity, what their rights and duties are, what reasons there may be for losing membership ( File: Role member -  in Italian);

-          Italian case studies (in Italian)

-          The Ethical anchoring of corporate social responsibility and the critique of CSR, by prof. Stefano Zamagni -  Department of Economics – University of Bologna (in English)

-  e-module Members' duties & rights (DEMO)