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Module 3- Coops and community -  why setting up cooperatives

In today’s world, coop enterprises can no longer be considered mere life jackets in case of an emergency. This means a challenge for the future will be to further elaborate competences of the coop enterprise and to strengthen specificities relating to the economic context. The coop enterprise should be even more firmly anchored to its territory and with the economic actors present. Entrepreneurship should mature from the connoted mutualistic-solidarity at the basis of cooperative enterprise in order to better respond to member needs.

To continue carrying out a central role in the economic development of the territory, the coop enterprise should aim towards sustaining and actively involving the local community, to serve the local economy and to increase collective social responsibility.


  • Reciprocity and common good
  • Can cooperation innovate?
  • Community and territory – giving sense to action
  • Social accountability

Basic module – one 3hr meeting; Advanced module – two 3hr meetings

Learning material:

-          Setting up a cooperative as entrepreneurial decision. The phase of setting up the coop, other than the formalities involved, is the vital moment when strategic decisions are taken for the future of the enterprise (File Setting coops- in Italian)

-          Working paper n.017 | 11:  What differences does a century make? Considering some crises in the international cooperative movement, 1900 and 2000, by Ian Macpherson

-          link Zamagni-

 -  E-modules Cooperative Enterprise (DEMO)