Material in Italian

1. Governing bodies, tasks and responsibilities of board members

Board members should not only know who the coop members are, but should also know the internal organization of the coop enterprise.

The idea of this module is to outline the structure and the operation of the governing body. The coop enterprise foresees a combination of organs with specific powers and competences that board members should be familiar with in order to work better with them.


  • Governing bodies of the coop
  • Board members’ responsibilities and roles
  • System of delegates

Basic module – one 3hr meeting; Advanced module – two 3hr meetings

Learning material

  • Management: prof. Celli:
  • The role of the cooperative member: the members of the cooperative, who they are, what interests they have, how they participate in cooperative activity, what their rights and duties are, what reasons there may be for losing membership (file member role in Italian);

2. Vigilance over coops

Going on to analyze some technical aspects of the coop enterprise, this module focuses on the relationship between the social functions of the coop and vigilance controls. The contents chosen are to inform board members of new regional regulations about vigilance over coops.


  • Why are coops subject to vigilance?
  • Prevailing and non-prevailing mutuality
  • Cooperative auditing/revision
  • Extraordinary inspection, punitive measures, legal control

Basic module – one 3hr meeting

Learning material

  • The cooperative enterprise: juridical principles and legislation – (file Coop law in Italian)
  •  Euricse- Working paper n.002 | 10 : Italian co-operative law reform and co-operative principles, by Antonio Fici (in English)



3. Living cooperation in the challenges of contemporary time  -  developing cultural competences for a better understanding of the current social environment to favour lifestyles coherent with the basic values and principles of cooperation.

Learning material

  • Prof Sapelli.
  •  Research report: La cooperazione in trentino: formazione e caratteristiche del management  (The cooperation in Trentino: training and management features) by Carlo Borzaga e Sara Depedri (file Coop Management training in Italian)
  • Euricse Working Paper, N.023 | 12, Cooperative identity and the law, by Antonio Fici,