Welcome to the online-course E-business in Tourism and Hospitality MAR2HL001-3005

Welcome to the online-course E-business in Tourism and Hospitality MAR2HL001-3005

by Jussi Mertanen -
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Welcome to the course E-business in Tourism and Hospitality MAR2HL001-3005. This online course is done in co-operation with other universities of applied sciences, participants are from several universities. The content is located on open Moodle hosted by Lapland University of Applied sciences. 

E-business and digital marketing are very hot topics now. Knowing the key concepts and being able to plan digital marketing gives you valuable skills in today´s business environment! 

Now you all have usernames for this course, we had some technical issues and that´s why we are a few days late, however the course will last until Christmas so you have plenty of time to complete everything, and I have added many extra days for submitting your final written work before Christmas.

The course is 100% online, so there are no scheduled classes. The lectures are in video format and you can plan your own schedule when you watch them. The amount of work depends on your goals, if you aim only at the passing grades 1-2, you need to complete only the online lessons and quizzes. If you aim at higher grades 3-5, there is also a written work to be completed.

I advise you to plan your schedule. This is a 5 ECT´s course, so there is a lot to do especially for higher grades 3-5. You cannot complete this course in two nights before the final deadline. You can find one suggestion for the schedule on Moodle.

Please note that there are two orientation assignments which must be completed in two weeks to start the course, the deadline September 28th. Write a short introduction of yourself and read an article about digital marketing and write a short resume about it. Everything can be found on Moodle.

IMPORTANT: Here is you login information:
Link to Moodle page:
sername: yourfirstname.yourlastname  (replace these with your name, dot in between)

Password: syyskuu18

It is recommended that you change the password when you start using this Moodle page so that you have full privacy. Make a bookmark of the page and have your user credentials ready for easy access whenever you plan to study.

There are also meeting times with me, the teacher, on Skype and on Moodle chat, please use those if you have questions or comments while studying further. You can also send me an e-mail:

 wish you inspiring study moments! See you on Moodle!

Jussi Mertanen