Course Desription

Module name
E-business in hospitality and tourism

Code: MAR2HL001-3005
Scope: 5 credits
Timing: 1st academic year
Language: English
Level: Basic studies

Type:  Compulsory

Learning objectives
Upon completion of the module, the student

  • Understands the interrelationships and contents in different e-business disciplines
  • Knows the central concepts and current developments in e-business
  • Knows the role of various online tools in marketing and managing the ICT
  • Is able to analyze and evaluate existing e-business solutions and decisions
  • Is able to recommend and plan development steps of e-business for a company


  • Different e-business disciplines

  • Key concepts of digital marketing

  • Online-tools of marketing

  • Analysis of e-business and digital market place

  • Digital marketing channels

  • Digital marketing planning

Starting level and linkage with other courses
No previous studies needed and no binding connections to other modules.

successful completion of the module is evaluated on a scale of 1 to 5. 

Working life connections
Within this module it is possible to formulate a digital marketing plan for an external company.

Digital marketing is viewed from the international point of view also, and global aspect is strongly present in analyzing the digital market place.

Learning methods

The learning goals of this module can be reached in the following ways:

Online study and assignments

Assessing one’s own learning is a compulsory part of the module.

Teacher(s) responsible
Senior Lecturer Jussi Mertanen, Haaga-Helia UAS


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