Guidelines, important

The parts of this course

This online material consists of two parts. 

First is a section of 6 lessons, each one of them containing sub-lessons, topics and the most important terminology of the digital marketing  field. You can proceed through the lessons to the next lesson. There are quizzes which you must complete successfully in order to proceed to the next module. The minimum requirement to pass the course with the lowest grade is to complete this first part. 

You will do an plan based on the lessons, and write a marketing plan for a company you choose. 

Structure of the lessons:
The lessons consist of several pages, you move forward through the links on the bottom of each page.

You must complete all the quizzes in order to complete the first section. You can try the quizzes twice.

The course ends on December 14th and all instructions and deadlines of the final assignments will be clearly published on this Moodle site. So you will have time to finish the final assignments in September-December. Keep in mind that the best way to complete this course is to work piece by piece, complete small parts and start working on your final assignments right after the first part is completed. You will not be able to complete all the assignments at once. You also learn if you follow this working method.

In the second part you will compile a digital marketing plan for a company that you choose. Please note, that it is always worth contacting the company instead of guessing things. You will get more profound information that way. 

Links and contents of this online course:

I have compiled the information based on different current sources and recognized digital marketing forums. In some cases the source is credited. I also use links to articles, videos etc. that have been selected from trustworthy sources like well-known media sites or digital professional forums and companies. Several different major digital companies and trademarks are mentioned throughout the course, I am not recommending or publicizing any particular one, nor is any link presented in a commercial sense. 

The goal is to give the students current relevant information of the industry. Special attention was given to the time factor in choosing the links and information, my principle is that any source of information that is older than 3-4 years is most likely outdated. The digital world is going so fast. I always try to find information that is either very recent or 1-2 years old at the maximum.

Sometimes a link may have been changed or removed by an external party, so please inform me immediately if you face a broken link. Many thanks.


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